Beyond Climate Summits

What climate change is not:

What you have been told it is

What you think it is

What you believe it to be

What you want it to be

What you think it should be

What climate summits are about

In the far distant future

Climate Change Summits...

‘As good intent led us down its paved road, we did not err or look back, instead we gazed up, ahead into the bright lit sky of vague promises, then, not thinking of consequence or destination, we chased clouds, full of hedonistic necessities, wants and needs as they sparkled high above, floating gently across the sky.

Below us, priorities crawled, gnawing and biting at our ankles pleading for attention, but just out of reach, always, just out of reach…'  Cuger Brant.

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Denial: Climate Change denial is a defence mechanism where people will lie or cleverly construct excuses as to why they should do nothing to sever themselves from their comfort zones, well being and way of life, to the detriment, suffering and survival of their offspring. 

Sustainability: Conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources; OED.

Sustainability is a nice word but it is meaningless, it is a myth, a weasel word invented to distract us from reality.

Adaption: The worlds leaders weapon of choice in combating global warming and climate change (second only to denial).


Well, its official, we have passed the 1 degree of warming point. That is halfway to the 2 degree limit set in stone by climate scientists. Will we prevent reaching the 2 degree warming point? You might as well try herding cats!


By trawling the comments on the internet to the news that we have reached one degree of warming, it is beyond belief that we could ever hope to reduce C02 emissions. Most comments run from apathy and sheer ignorance on the subject, to the hysteria of total denial.

Well, going by the consensus of opinion, i think we can rest assured of two things; we do not have a cat in hell chance  of stopping the upward trend and, when it reaches six degrees of warming, those who survive, will have won the ‘is global warming happening’ argument!


The one element the climate scientists did not factor in their climate modelling programs is the exponential factor. It will make a mockery of their computations within in the next ten years.

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Your local Rainforest (every town has one).