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Funny Polar Bear


A game for you to play; it is called ‘End Game’ and whether you like it or not, you’re in it!

Just follow the rules… White to move first!

Current status: CO2 @ 400+ppm in the atmosphere


Rules of the Game:

CO2 @ 500 ppm = unpredictable heat increases = chaotic weather patterns, further increases of atmospheric and, most significantly, oceanic temperatures = acidity due to CO2 saturation and massive increase in oceanic dead zones = mortality of sea creatures = more CO2 production = higher sea temperatures = melting of Hydrates = more CO2 + methane hydrates in atmosphere.


White King… Rational thought and actions.

Black King … Irrational thought, greed, self -interest.


CHECKMATE of White King = C O2 @ 500ppm = Critical mass... Then it’s methane all the way!


You, and everyone on this planet are playing it right now!


The IPCC's declaration that the world will warm by anywhere between 0.3 and 4.8 °C reflects social and political uncertainties, not scientific ones. Climate scientists study the climate. They just give us the facts and it is us who choose whether to believe or disbelieve, to take action or remain dormant. We can choose to limit warming, or continue with our carbon rise and take our chances in a world that will be around 3 °C + and rising in the very near future and all the unforeseen consequences that it will bring. It's up to us!


The first half of this century we are carrying on business as usual: we rely heavily on fossil fuels. We did not introduce any dramatic changes to our life styles or activities in terms of consumption, travel and the number of children we have. Almost imperceptibly the ecosystem services and its cycles are collapsing as heat waves, droughts, forest fires, torrential downpours and floods become a perpetual cycle of climatic events. These events will be more noticeable and more aggressive as we near 2030.


Towards the middle of the century, the consequences of climate change will became too difficult to ignore. As a result, our governments will slowly begin introducing some unambitious policies to regulate emissions. Ocean acidification will be so severe that the marine animal death toll will be hard to ignore and the Arctic will not have had ice during the summer for several years as the polar bear faces extinction.

What is climate change is not: A little girl screaming that her spoilt childhood has suffered. Pulling faces on cue for the cameras to get noticed, posing for vain pictures for the media or the odd stunt.  
Neither is it about sustainability, adaption, eco, green, geo-engineering, bio, environmentally friendly, etc. And it definitely is not about plastic carrier bags, leatherback turtles or complicated charts!


Temperature average in 2050…38 in London and New York; 33 in Scotland and Nova Scotia.

If your climate anxiety is dominated by fears of sea-level rise, along with flooded cities you are not thinking straight. It is much worse than you think.

There is now, no plausible program of emissions reductions that can prevent climate disaster for millions if not billions.

Soon, very soon parts of the Earth will become close to uninhabitable, and other parts horrifically inhospitable. No matter how well-informed you are, you are surely not alarmed enough.

The world is being set on fire by forest clearance from Brazil to Madagascar, from Africa to Indonesia, wildfires and bushfires spreading from North America to Alaska, from Siberia to Australia, and all the while, you worry about... plastic.

Why? Because you are brain dead and lack the ability to think for yourself. 

Over the past decade, our climate has gone apocalyptic in places as record breaking heat waves in the northern hemisphere are now the norm.

Soon, simply being outdoors will be life threatening, not only in 'poor' countries’, but in your country, your neighbourhood.

Many cities will become close to uninhabitable, annually encountering deadly heat wave while their inhabitants suffer heat stress to the point of madness.

Thousands will quietly die in their homes, while others will be praying the power grid keeps working, powering their air conditioning units, so they can survive heatwave after heatwave.

Drought will be an even bigger problem than heat, with some of the world’s most arable land turning quickly to desert. southern Europe will be in permanent extreme drought, much worse than the American dust bowl ever was.

The same will be true in Iraq and Syria and much of the rest of the Middle East; some of the most densely populated parts of Australia, Africa, and South America; and the breadbasket regions of China. None of these places, which today supply much of the world’s food, will be reliable sources of any future food crops as they are today. Already they are getting too hot to efficiently grow grain. Those places where grain is produced today are already at optimal growing temperature; which means even a small warming will push them down the slope of decline.


Oh, and the sea, the deep blue sea…Forget the plastic carrier bag, plastic straws etc,  and forget about the leather-back turtle, ocean acidification will initiate a feedback loop in which under-oxygenated waters breeding different kinds of microbes that turn the water anoxic, producing sea fog composed of hydrogen sulphide, (the planet’s preferred gas for a natural holocaust). It will not disappoint as, the ocean’s dead zones impart their festering clouds silently drifting inland.


We, our very lifestyle and what it is based on, will be our undoing. 


The real enemy of  the planet is the collective, hedonistic  human ego and as such, all of us are facing an awesome dilemma!

For sure, we can build a dam and create electricity, we can build a nuclear power station for the same ends. The ART of life, the ART of progression, the very ART of being, by our gifts of intelligence, perception, awareness, are to preserve our resources, maintain them, let nature flourish, and live WITH it. After all, physically or spiritually, we damn well cannot live without it, can we?

Anthropogenic man has challenged this, and in doing so, has given nature the appetite to dispose of our irksome little species. As nature compensates itself, and adjusts to the phenomenon of global warming, that compensation, that adjustment, will be very costly to the human race, our environment, and the long term 

hopes for our future. The earth will sweat us out like a fever, and like a fever, it will get hot, very hot, before the patient gets better!


You cannot adapt to the climatic change that will come, and i mean CLIMATIC CHANGE!  if we do nothing but listen to rhetoric from the mouths of people too rich to care about the next generation We, our children are doomed to a hell on Earth.

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