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Leaving Delusions Behind

I do hope you enjoy my site, however It really is utterly irrelevant now.


Well, it always was, wasn’t it! As far as controlling the temperature rise or keeping it under 1.5 degrees, well, 

the bottom line is…we are screwed!

Why are people not thinking about the unthinkable; that we are on the verge of extinction? Global temperatures together with increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere has been rising for decades and we, as a species, are heading for disaster, so just how close we are to a full-blown climate apocalypse? 

Well, decision-point for humankind has come and gone. In pursuing their individual agenda's, governments and their fawning' environmental' groups have cost us the Earth. Instead of moving forward, we have hurtled backwards, both in terms of flooding the world with fossil fuels, in turn greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and in terms of actions and inaction's which have pushed the climate to the point of no return.

Here’s the plain truth:  Begging people to drive less, eat less, breed less or otherwise tread more lightly on the planet, or even doing all of these things at the same time won’t make them magically add up to our salvation.

Too little too late!. 

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