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Digest these little gems of hilarity: Greenhouse gas levels are at their highest for 650,000 years. So it's official. Climate change is here: a man-made phenomenon. If you think that means Britain will be growing and exporting oranges and bananas and you will be enjoying Mediterranean food as a matter of course. You will be seriously disappointed. A three degree C increase will mean half the world's wildlife reserves and corals will have gone, the tropical forests will dry up, and perhaps a billion people will starve.

A three degree rise will trigger the melting of the Greenland ice cap, the destabilisation of the Antarctic and irreversible system disruptions"- basically, out-of-control change. In short, three degrees will be another world. No more holidays on the Costa Brava, no seaside jaunts, no short breaks to New York or any of the other world's coastal cities or islands. They will not be there.

The Earth will be turned into a "different planet" because of the continuing increase in man-made emissions of greenhouse gases. We will end up with a different planet. I mean a planet with no ice in the Arctic, and a planet where warming is so large that it's going to have a large effect in terms of sea level rises and the extinction of species." Another is the release of methane from the frozen tundra. Methane gas is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. The continuing rise in carbon dioxide emissions and average global temperatures is on schedule to cause the eventual collapse of the ice sheets on both Greenland and the West Antarctic, with a catastrophic rise in sea levels.

The entire world economy will collapse, there will be mass famine. All this will occur while the rest of the world continues to warm. Europe will not grow enough food because it would be too cold. The rest of the world would have food shortages due to droughts, water shortages, and cropland loss due to heat waves.

You see, in truth, the earth's climate does not nor will it, conveniently comply with the computer models of climate scientists. In just a few years, the climate could suddenly cool or heat worldwide the consequences of which are unfathomable; half the rainfall, severe dust storms whirling across vast areas, lightning strikes igniting giant forest fires and for most mammals, (including our descendants massive population crashes if not extinction!

Let me explain something to you: cutting global emissions of CO2 does not mean reducing the rise in parts per million belched out by coal-fired power stations or other such fossil-fuel powered plants. All it means is cutting the rate at which they are rising. In other words, slowing the rate at which they are increasingly being pumped into the atmosphere. We can't go on like this. In fact, some climate scientists say that 380 parts per million is too high and that we need not only to slow the increase in CO2 but also to clean up the mess we've already made. Look at this logically: We are currently at 400ppm of CO2 which is already having an adverse effect on the world’s climate, then how can a small reduction of the RISING rate of output cure anything?

The Climate Change Act: The target for 2050: A legally binding target of at least an 80 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, to be achieved through action in the UK and abroad, also a reduction in emissions of at least 34 percent by 2020. Both these targets are against a 1990 baseline. (1) It is the duty of the Secretary of State to ensure that the net UK carbon account for the year 2050 is at least 80% lower than the 1990 baseline. Utterly meaningless!!

A recent study examined claims that the UK is approaching Kyoto targets on reducing CO2 emissions. They found that if you factor in increasing importation of goods it’s actual 'carbon footprint' has actually grown by over 15% since 1990. To me it is absolutely clear that the government’s proposed carbon targets are ‘conditional’ on international agreements and developments. In essence the British government have no practical workable plan in reducing C02. 

No government on the planet has!



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