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That fact is:

After cutting the bullshit; graphs, rhetoric, arguments and Climate Summits, etc.

The major cause of global warming (the need for energy) will not be stabilised

(let alone reduced)  unless we do something right now!

We could go on with those summits or wait until  the world's economy collapses

with a touch of a global pandemic or limited nuclear exchange. 

Thus diminishing the ultimate cause….us!

Well, That is the reality! That is the math!


And if you think it is all too far away to worry about, chew on this:

The Domino Effect.

2 degrees of warming…Changes to the biosphere quicken, extinction of many animals (including the disintegration of the coral reef) rising sea levels hasten the demise of various island habitats.

3 degrees of warming…Start of the end, no going back ocean sinks reverse as well as land absorption of co2.  Dead zones increase exponentially.

4 degrees of warming…Oceans rise flooding large areas of population, Egyptian Delta, Bangladesh, Venice etc. The collapse of the entire WAIS Western Antarctic Ice Sheet. The drying up of major river systems including the Ganges, Yangtze.

5 degrees of warming…civilization collapses, mass migration of refugees, oceans dead zones increase exponentially.

6 degrees of warming…End Game…anybody’s guess!

And those degrees are like domino’s standing up in line. I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 degrees.


The ‘tipping point’ to start the first one falling?

Well, the first one is falling and already we are in transition!

One thing is for sure; once the first one connects with the second, the time limit to reach the third decreases in proportion to the increase severity of climatic disasters! 

Fifteen years maximum until we hit the point of no return.


That is in all our lifetimes!

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