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The only thing that is 'green' is you

Buy my organic, chemical free, bio food!

Cooked in sustainable bio-oils, free from contaminants.

Packed in a recycled, natural, wood pulp, free from HFC’s container!

Yes! Be green, Be you! Be a mug! Just buy the bloody product after feeling good about it bozo!

Remember the only thing that is green is you!


Get the point?

From 'green' cement bricks, past 'organic' to a green World. The power of advertising and pshycology!

Remember: All ‘Green’ charities, as all ‘Green’ promoters of their products are on the ‘Green’ gravy train looking for very green people to make money from. And as of all charities and corporations, the newfound and politically expedient claims of sustainability are not models of real responsibility. We would be green ourselves to believe so! In my opinion (which counts for zilch) they are there just to sustain income for themselves.

And then there are Carbon credits, offsets etc!

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