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The idiot’s guide to global warming truths

1. Not using plastic carrier bags will save the planet.

The eradication of plastic bags will save nothing, not even a single turtle.

2. Buying eco-friendly products will save pollution of the environment.

The only eco-friendly product is one made of stone.

3. Green cars benefit the environment.

The only ‘Green’ car you will ever see is the one painted that colour.

4. Using Bio-fuels benefits the planet.

You tell that to the Orang-utan, the rain forests or the underfed.

5. We will have a Mediterranean climate.

We will have super heat waves, droughts, invasive creepy crawlies and crop diseases.

6. Set aside land can be used for growing bio-fuels.

In the future we will need every inch of soil for food production to compensate for worldwide crop failures.

7. Cycling, catching a bus or train to work will negate my carbon footprint.

In the great scheme of things, it will have no effect whatsoever apart from easing your conscience when you fly to foreign parts.

8. Wind farms are the way forward.

As you need (consistent) wind there are four factors which challenge this: noise pollution, spinning (back up when there is no wind), costs of producing wind turbines, and environmental blight. The amount of CO2 emissions a wind turbine can save is a matter of conjecture.

9. The government is doing all it can to combat global warming.

The government is doing absolutely nothing in real terms except finding ways to ‘green’ tax you at every opportunity.

10. Carbon credits will help stop carbon emissions.

All carbon credits will do is make stockbrokers and landowners rich and give governments green credibility.


You must be curious as to how unconcerned the general population is.

 Ask your partner, your friends, your children! What hopes have they for the future?

I bet the words, new car, I-pod, mobile phone, holiday abroad, exotic meal, plasma TV, will be forefront in the answer before there is any inkling of guilt, any concern, consequence or care of the environment!

And when they do show some concern, they, like you will ask...What is everyone else going to do about it!

We, the human race, are on a pinnacle. WE are elevated above all other species on the planet. We can go one way or the other. We survey all around, think we dominate all we see. There is a myriad paths I could go down to disprove that conception but for now let’s not. Let’s just think. THINK. We are the all-powerful, conquering entities on the planet. Of course, there are subliminal arguments to the contrary, but for now, and for our survival as the human race, I am not going there.


If, we are that omnipotent, most intelligent organism on the planet which procreates for advancement, for spiritual cause or intellect as we perceive it, should we not look after what we most treasure, most love?


For sure, we can build a dam and create electricity. For sure, we can build a nuclear power station for the same ends. The ART of life, the ART of progression, the very ART of being, by our gifts of intelligence, perception, awareness, are to preserve our resources, maintain them, let nature flourish, and live WITH it. After all, physically or spiritually, we damn well cannot live without it, can we?



The sixth mass extinction:

Since life appeared on earth, there have been several mass extinctions in which many of the earth’s species were wiped out because of climate change, volcanic activity, the impact of an asteroid or reasons we have not yet discovered. The plants and animals which currently live on earth have continued to evolve over the 65 million years since the last mass extinction. But many scientists consider the huge reduction in bio-diversity since the emergence of humans is now on the scale of another mass extinction. This era is known as the Holocene, but because it is man-made in origin it will be known as the great anthropogenic extinction.


The aim of this site is not to make you feel guilty. It is not to make you feel hopelessly lost. Rather, the purpose of this site is to strengthen your individual resolve, your belief in life, your clarity of thought, purpose of life, where you, your offspring  are going?

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