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The  Con Merchants

Greenhouse gas emissions have been steadily rising since the first Kyoto summit. In 2013 we hit 6.9 percent growth in emissions, a record. We’re not only going in the wrong direction — we are accelerating in the wrong direction! The thing is; if 2 degrees C is extremely dangerous, 4 degrees C is absolutely catastrophic! So this is where our future leaves us: stuck between temperatures we can’t possibly accommodate, and carbon reduction pathways governments are unwilling to achieve.

What of the world’s major charities concern about Climate Change?  While Greenpeace travel the world looking for ever exotic places to do stunts so we think how clever they are, yet all the while using it as a pretext in sucking out money from your pockets.  

The Christmas WWF advert on the take is not too dissimilar. This time they have polar bears doing the stunts.  And the best bit is about eight penguins standing on a piece of ice looking lost, as if the ice will melt and they will all drown, so we must give money to stop the ice melting!

Is it me? If all the Climate Summits in the world cannot agree to prevent global warming, how can giving money to a fat, mega company to save penguins from their natural habitat (the sea) or stop idiots putting Greenpeace logo’s on national monuments, influence anything except their bank balances?  Are there people out there that stupid, or do they need that fluffy toy penguin that much? 

It is astounding, if not immoral as to the depths these ‘charities’ will sink to in a ploy to relieve you of your money!  Or do they rely on your ignorance, your guilt (that feel good factor) so you can carry on as usual without a conscience? 

Probably the latter.

Is WWF just a fraud, or do they do anything that
could be said to be a support for anything living on this
planet? Having seen videos showing that WWF buy large
areas in Indonesia, letting other companies take down the
rainforrest and plant GMO-manipulated oil palms where 
this rainforrest were that we thought they should save.
And when we stand at the supermarket buying cheap
stearine candles for christmas we dont realize that they are
made from palm oil from those companies, produced from
those areas. So when we buy those candles we support the
deforrestation that we thought we prevented by giving money
to the WWF.
A couple of years back they had a campaign about saving the 
polar bears. Do anyone here know if they have done anything 
with that money to save any polar bears, ie have they done 
anything that has had any effect on the climate change at all?
Or is WWF just another money making machine and nothing

Climate Summit tip

Climate Summit Tip

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