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Puh! those ignorant Brazilian natives have a lot to answer for!

Meanwhile, in my backyard...Trashing’ ancient woodland and areas of outstanding natural beauty, building a housing estates, widening roads and adding more bypass's and motorways, planting a few piddly saplings with a couple of ponds to make the enterprise look 'green' and sustainable.

In reality you; take out hundreds of trees, destroy acres of natural pasture, both which naturally absorbs hundreds of tons of rainfall. Cover the area with concrete and tarmac, convince the public the whole thing is ‘progress’ and benefits the local economy, while our heritage, is lost forever! 
If it were happening in the Amazon we would be concerned, LOL!! 
Ask yourselves; how long does it actually take to build a ‘sustainable’ Oak Tree?
And just how many of those ancient oak trees have been trashed in YOUR neighbourhood in the name of 'sustainable economic growth?
Makes a mockery of any concerns we have for the burning in the Amazon does it not?

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