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The Earth provides enough for every man’s need, but not every mans greed.

The future

Those responsible for decisions in the field of climate change at the global level are too interested in their master’s orders. They, are too interested in their respective economies, political positions, shareholders and self. In reality there is no one interested enough (including you) to take any real step to stop, what is becoming increasingly inevitable. 

The weather forecast



  • There will be substantial warming in temperature extremes.

  • It is virtually certain that increases in the frequency and magnitude of warm daily temperature extremes and decreases in cold extremes will occur on the global scale.

  • The length, frequency and/or intensity of warm spells, or heat waves, will increase over most land areas.

  •  A 1-in-20 year hottest day will become a 1-in-2 year event.

  • The 1-in-20 year extreme daily maximum temperature will likely increase by about 1°C to 3°C by mid-21st century and by about 2°C to 5°C by late-21st century.

  • The frequency of heavy precipitation and the proportion of total rainfall from heavy falls will increase radically.

  •  Heavy rainfalls associated with tropical cyclones will increase and droughts will intensify.

  •  Changes in heat waves, glacial retreat and/or permafrost degradation will affect high mountain phenomena such as slope instabilities, movements of mass and glacial lake outburst floods.

  • By 2030, yields from rain-fed agriculture will be reduced by up to 50%. Agricultural production, including access to food, in many countries will be severely compromised.

  • Before 2050, sea level rise will seriously affect low-lying coastal areas with large populations. 

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