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Of course one natural solution for controlling climate change Is being decimated under the greenwash 'Sustainable Development' Or 'Sustainable Economic Growth' are the natural forests of the world.

Last year, the planet saw its fourth-highest level of tropical tree loss since the early 2000s—about 30 million acres, according to a new analysis published Thursday.

Those losses have continued even as more corporations and countries made commitments to preserve forests, and as scientists emphasized that maintaining forests must be a global priority—as crucial to staving off the worst risks of climate change as cutting fossil fuel use.

Forests absorb roughly a quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activity each year. Destroying all of the world's forests would release the same amount of stored carbon as burning all the planet's readily extractable fossil fuel deposits. Continued tropical forest loss pulls the rug out from under efforts to stabilize the global climate, for every hectare of forest lost, we're one step closer to the reality of runaway climate change, because forests not only store carbon, they continue to absorb it as they grow.


The researchers also determined that critically important "old growth" tropical forest ecosystems, which hold more carbon than younger forests and have an important cooling effect, declined by nearly 9 million acres, an area larger than Belgium. "That's mature, humid forest, which represents some of the most biodiverse and carbon-rich areas, and therefore some of the most important loss we're seeing," said Liz Goldman, a researcher with Global Forest Watch.


In recent decades, Brazil and Indonesia made up the largest percentage of tropical old-growth forest loss, accounting for nearly two-thirds of all declines globally. Now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Colombia and Bolivia, combined with Brazil and Indonesia, account for that same percentage.


Forests Rise on International Climate Agenda

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said that preventing forest loss and planting new forests represent critical steps in the all-out effort required to keep global temperatures within a 1.5 degree Celsius increase compared to pre-industrial times. To stay within that limit, the report's authors said, carbon emissions would need to be cut 45 PERCENT by 2030 and reach NET-ZERO emissions by 2050!


BUT then again who are we to criticize this contribution to humanity's mass suicide...while we completely trash our own area’s of ancient woodland and area’s of outstanding natural beauty by and destroying acres of natural pasture, both which naturally absorbs hundreds of tons of rainfall.

Cover the area with car parks, retail stores, concrete and tarmac and convince the public the whole thing is ‘progress’ and benefits the economy.

Let me put it another way: Trees absorb 50 gallons to 300 gallons (mature tree) per day. A small wood of a 500 trees will absorb 25000 to 150000 gallons of water per day and that is without the retention of thousands of gallons in the loamy soil.


Natural ground cover such as woodland and pasture slows the speed of surface run off and retains the water longer enabling infiltration, absorption and storage for long periods of thousands of gallons of rain water/showers/precipitation.

How much water does a roof tile, concrete drive, tarmac road, playground, car park absorb? Answer for the less aware; none.

The end result is; more money for developers, more revenue tor local councils and a gullible public who buy houses on flood plains in the belief flood plains never flood, but if they do it is that one in ten year event; oh sorry! Forgive my political incorrectness; that one a hundred year event that; hardly ever happens; falls mainly on the plain; is someone else’s fault, event.

Then ask yourself; as the Amazon rain forest along with other forests are being slashed and burnt why do you call the locals ‘ignorant natives’ not caring a hoot about their environment?


On Easter Island they toiled

Under the sun as it boiled

And as the last tree was felled

A sudden realisation was held

On the wind and in the breeze

A timeless whisper was heard

My name is Ozymandias were its words….

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