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Our Future will be super


The climate has already started to escalate towards a second planetary climatic event (the first being the discovery of the stratospheric ozone layer, ‘the ozone hole’, over Antarctica in 1985). All the carbon credits, all the environmentally friendly products, all the sustainable business practices, etc., will be of no consequence.


This escalation will not be a slow befuddled ‘computer modelling’ predictable event. It will quite simply be the 'domino effect', where one ecosystem of our planet will be so stressed that it will cause the others to compensate, but this in turn will cause them to fail. It will not present itself with a bang but rather a silent, slow whimper, such is nature, but when it hits you in the face, when it dawns on you something is not quite right, a singular revelation will come to you: too little, too late.


There will be no singular ‘tipping point’ If there ever was, it has passed us by years ago like a ship in the night.

There is however, the domino effect; from major, uncalculated consequences of those one in a hundred year weather events that now are occurring in increased regularity and ferocity. But with hindsight, these will all be calculable, by an all too late, 'I told you so’ climate modelling computer, hindsight is a wonderful thing!


But for now, you can take your pick from super-droughts, super-heatwaves, super- wildfires, super-hurricanes, super rain storms, super floods or even super glacial melting leading to the collapse of the Gulf Stream and its consequences; the toss of a coin between those eager beavers in waiting  Methane hydrates causing a super super heatwave  or a new ice age for the best part of Europe. 

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